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in 3…2…1… hello daniellelarcom.com!

WOW, it gives me chills. it’s been a year that guy (loving husband), jax (adorable son), and i and began our journey west. while it may have started out just as a journey to get here, it’s turned into a journey in many other ways.

marriage journey: i feel even closer and more in love with my husband… who knew that could be possible? this quote from anne bancroft about her husband is exactly (EXACTLY!) how i feel about guy.

“when i hear his key in the lock at night my heart starts to beat faster. i’m just so happy he’s home. we have so much fun.”

mom journey: jax has taught me it’s ok to slow down and just blow bubbles. everything seems better after blowing bubbles, singing in the car, or just coloring.  it’s been wonderful seeing this tiny little baby grow and become a walking, talking, almost peeing in the potty machine. he makes my mornings sunny, my afternoons lazy, and my nights peaceful. i cherish every minute with him.

friend journey: it’s fun meeting new people and forming new friendships. it was really like starting college all over again. i feel like i kept saying to myself, “they like me, they really like me.” then there was the other voice in my head saying… “of course they do… hello what’s not to love?” the women i’ve met here are truly devoted… devoted friends, mothers, and wives. i’ve already learned so much from them. and for all my east coast besties… don’t worry,  you still and will always have a v. special place in my heart that no one could replace.

career journey: this is where the bittersweet comes in. moving out west, meant no more reporting. no more meeting people from all different walks of life. no more telling stories. no more being on the side of the maine turnpike telling people it is snowing out. well, i wasn’t really sad to leave the snow behind. i was sad to leave all the great people i worked with at WMTW (yes jon, that is you!) i was truly doing what i had wanted to do since i was in 5th grade. 5th grade! while i may have left a childhood dream behind, i am beginning my adult dream. owning a lifestyle photography business.

so here I go… in 3…2…1…

then comes baby

second comes marriage…

first comes love

t w i t t e r
f a c e b o o k
p i n t e r e s t
s e a r c h