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2012 in review :: the “L” family :: arlington, virginia

the “L” family was the first family of the day of our mini-shoots. i had so much fun with these little ones and their parents. (and maybe even more fun hearing my assistant aka stephanie shake a tambourine and make animal sounds behind me to get the kids attention) isn’t this family just adorable!!! i especially love how big brother was soooo excited to snuggle up with his baby sister on the park bench. too cute! thank you “L” family!

2012 in review :: the “S” family :: arlington, va

meet the the “s” family!

how beautiful is andrew’s hair?! like.to.die.for.

i also photographed the little man and his parents last year and it is so fun to see how much he has grown! i just love how i was able to capture how much he loves his mommy and daddy. despite not feeling well,  he was so cuddly and giggly with mom and dad. love.


a muchas gracias to my best friend.

stephanie and i met at syracuse university, hung out while i interned in dc, and lived with a crazy familia in spain during our junior year. and even though we don’t live in the same state, every year (we’ve had many) it seems our friendship gets even better.

2011 was even more fun because stephanie and i were pregnant at the same time. stephanie’s first (adorable annie) and my second (miles aka annie’s future husband).

she is more than a just a friend. stephanie is familiarity. she is comfort. she is the funniest person i know. she is the best friend you feel so lucky to have in your life. muchas gracias mi mejor amiga estafania!

through the years, i’ve also been lucky to spend time with stephanie’s family. stephanie gets her humor from her dad and her compassion from her mom. her mom is a woman after my own heart. she loves attention to detail and hand written thank you notes.

last fall, i spent one chilly morning with stephanie’s family (one 8 month old, one two-year-old, four parents, and two grandparents). here are some of my favorites from our shoot! thank you “Minkmans” for a fun morning filled with animal calls, marriott candy, laughs, and lots of smiles.


the a & b families: andover, ma

you know when you meet someone and you get this feeling like you are definitely going to be friends. well, that’s exactly how i felt when i met lauren.  her adorable twins, charlee & michaela, go to preschool with jax.  in a few years, her youngest, hailey, and miles will go to school with together. ok, back to the feeling. i remember our initial meeting. we were walking out of preschool. i was lugging miles in his carrier and she was pushing hailey in her stroller. one of us smiled, not sure who, and we started talking. we both had recently moved to the area and were still trying to figure out all the best places to go.  i looked forward to seeing lauren and a few of the other moms each day at drop-off and pick-up. her friendship has definitely made the transition from the west coast to the east coast a lot ( like. a lot.) easier! through the year as our kids got to know one another more, we did too. from swimming lessons, to baking class, to ikea trips and most recently storyland, i’ve enjoyed getting to know lauren and her family.

it was a joy to photograph the a&b families.

(1 great grandmother, 2 grandparents, 2 parents, 1 set of twins, 1 younger sister, 1 uncle, 1 soon-to-be-aunt) whoa is right!

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